Fencing made easy

DuraPost® by FENCEMATE was created in our mission to make fencing quick, easy to install and longer lasting than concrete and timber fence posts.


80% less volume than timber

Reducing the number of trips it would take to get supplies to each job.

Traditional Build Method

Designed for the expert, DuraPost helps you get the job right first time.

Time on site reduced

One person is able to carry out the tasks normally requiring two, when using DuraPost.

Less Damage During Transit

Powder coated posts are shrink wrapped to protect them from damage in transit.

See for yourself

“I’d definitely recommend DuraPost to my customers. It’s much lighter making it easier to install and is aesthetically pleasing with its subtle look. I’d now look to using other FENCEMATE products.”


Fencing Contractor from Kent

Not Convinced?

Take a look for yourself with a free sample pack from DuraPost®. We’ll send you a preview of the DuraPost system in your preferred colour.

Tips & Advice From The Fencing Experts

And you thought we couldn’t make fencing any easier. Check out our latest fencing tips, installation advice and how-to videos for all your fencing needs.

Technical Specifications

With great design comes precise measurements. Discover the ins and outs of both our Classic and Slimline DuraPost® profiles.

Sign up to our Contractors Morning

We run DuraPost® product demonstrations nationally all year round. Our Contractor Mornings are held at one of our DuraPost® Stockists and are run by a DuraPost® Specialist. Sign-up now.